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City of London Walks


Heart of the Square Mile

This is a visit to the heart of the old City of London., the historic core of modern day London. See landmarks such as St Paul’s Cathedral, Guildhall, Bank of England and Mansion House. Enjoy also the churches of Sir Christopher Wren alongside new architecture such as Paternoster Square and all often linked together by the original medieval streets and atmospheric alleyways.

Starts: St Paul’s underground

   A City of Churches

Before the Great Fire of London in 1666 there were ninety-seven parish churches within the walls of the City of London. Today there are thirty-eight remaining -the oldest surviving from medieval times All are different in style and full of monuments to the past citizens of the City. Each provides a lovely quiet oasis and all are showcases for exquisite workmanship. This walk visits six of them. It will include one of the oldest – St Olave’s Hart Street, the parish church of Samuel Pepys, and as the walk moves westwards, churches by Sir Christopher Wren and Nicholas Hawksmoor.

  ( As these churches are not always open at the weekend, this walk will      normally take place on a weekday.)

Starts: Tower Hill underground

River Views – a walk along the Thames

London owes its existence to the Thames. It has been a source of wealth as a port since Roman times. It has been a means of transport, a source of water, and a place for entertainments and pageantry. This is a sight seeing walk from the Millennium Bridge to Tower Bridge. Learn more about the Thames and see and hear about famous landmarks on the way -such as Tate Modern, The New Globe Theatre, HMS Belfast, London Bridge, old Billingsgate Market and Tower of London.

Start: St Paul’s underground

Fleet Street

Known as the ‘Street of Ink’, Fleet Street was the centre for the printing and production of all the British principal newspapers from the early 1700s to 1980s.But there is more to this ancient highway between the City and Westminster. On this walk we will be exploring its intriguing alleyways and its ancient roots such as the recently discovered remains of the Whitefriars Priory, St Brides Church, old taverns and Dr Johnson’s House, and not forgetting the site of infamous fictional Sweeney Todd’s barber shop.

The Modern Face of the City

The City of London is home to some of the world’s most striking modern architecture. As a world leader in business and finance, the City has to continually adapt to changing commercial needs, while combining the best of the old with the best of the new, resulting in a fascinating and often beautiful cityscape. This walk follows the route of the old medieval streets through the City to take a closer look.

Buildings famous for their nicknames : ‘The Guerkin’, ‘’The Cheese grater’,’ Walkie Talkie’ ,’The Can of Ham’ squeeze themselves alongside medieval churches, Victorian markets and other architectural gems.

Start: St Paul’s underground

Start : Monument Tube Station End : Liverpool Street Station.

Guildhall Art Gallery and Roman Amphitheatre

A tour of the Gallery that showcases a selection of artworks from the collection from the City of London Corporation . the present collection consists of about 4,000 works, of which around 250 are on display at any one time. Many of the paintings are of London themes and there is also a significant collection of Victorian era art, including works by Rossetti, Frederick Leighton, John Everett Millais and James Tissot. The Guildhall complex was built on the site of London's Roman amphitheatre, and some of the remains of this are displayed in situ in a room in the basement of gallery.


Meet : Guildhall Art Gallery, Guildhall Yard EC2